What is the name of attorney general of pakistan?

Khalid Jawed Khan, a distinguished individual, presently holds the esteemed position of Attorney General in Pakistan.

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Khalid Jawed Khan, a renowned legal luminary, presently assumes the prestigious role of Pakistan’s Attorney General. Bestowed with an extensive repertoire of legal acumen and profound expertise, Khan commands a paramount position within the nation’s intricate legal fabric.

When discussing the importance of the Attorney General’s role, former Pakistani Senator Sheda Sughra Imam said, “The Attorney General is the government’s chief legal officer. The Attorney General is responsible for representing the government in legal matters.” In addition, I will act as a legal administrator.” Secure the public interest and ensure that justice is served to all. “

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  1. Appointment and qualifications: The Attorney General of Pakistan is appointed by the President of Pakistan, upon the advice of the Prime Minister. To be eligible for the position, one must be a practicing lawyer for at least fifteen years.

  2. Powers and responsibilities: The Attorney General represents the government in legal cases, both domestically and internationally. They provide legal advice to the government and its various ministries, defend the state in litigation matters, and play a crucial role in safeguarding the rule of law.

  3. Supreme Court representation: The Attorney General acts as the principal law officer of the government before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. They have the authority to file petitions, appeals, and representations on behalf of the government.

  4. Preventive role: Apart from actively participating in legal proceedings, the Attorney General has a preventive role as well. They can intervene and offer legal opinions to prevent potential legal challenges or conflicts.

  5. Tenure: The tenure of the Attorney General is not fixed and can vary depending on the government in power. However, they generally serve until the end of the government’s term or until a new Attorney General is appointed.

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Here is a table showcasing the past three Attorney Generals of Pakistan and their respective tenures:

Name Tenure
Khalid Jawed Khan March 2020 – Present
Anwar Mansoor Khan October 2018 – March 2020
Ashtar Ausaf Ali March 2016 – October 2018

In conclusion, Khalid Jawed Khan is the current Attorney General of Pakistan, responsible for representing the government in legal matters and upholding the principles of justice. With an illustrious career in law, Khan plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rule of law and ensuring the interests of the public are protected.

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The YouTube video titled “Attorney General for Pakistan – Article 100 || His Duties, Appointment, Qualifications etc” explores Article 100 of the Constitution of Pakistan, which outlines the duties of the Attorney General. The Attorney General is responsible for offering legal advice to the federal government and undertaking other legal tasks assigned to them by the government. The video concludes by expressing gratitude to the viewers and encouraging them to like, share, and comment on the video if they found it informative.

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Khalid Jawed Khan (Urdu: خالد جاوید خان) is a Pakistani lawyer who served as the 35th Attorney General of Pakistan. Khan is a Barrister at Law and Advocate of Supreme Court and has been practicing law since 1996. He specializes in Constitutional Law, Taxation, Service and Civil matters. Education

Mr. Mansoor Usman Awan Attorney General for Pakistan

Mansoor Usman Awan (Urdu: منصور عثمان اعوان) is a Pakistani lawyer who is currently serving as the 37th Attorney General of Pakistan from 23 December 2022.

Mansoor Usman Awan is the current Attorney General of Pakistan.

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Considering this, What is Attorney-General in Pakistan?
Response to this: The Attorney-General for Pakistan is the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government of Pakistan and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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What is general power of attorney law in Pakistan? Answer will be: General Power of Attorney means that Attorney may perform more than one job on behalf of the Principal and all his acts will be binding on the Principal as done by him and under his authority. Special Power of Attorney is for only a specific purpose which is explained in that deed of Special Power of Attorney.

Also Know, Who is the Attorney-General of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa? Amir Javid. The Advocate General’s Office is a Constitutional Office established under Article 140 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

Correspondingly, What is the fee of lawyer in Pakistan? PKR 30,000 to PKR 200,000
The lawyer’s fee depends on several factors such as the lawyer’s experience, the complexity of the case, and the location of the court. In Pakistan, the lawyer’s fee for divorce proceedings usually ranges from PKR 30,000 to PKR 200,000.

Furthermore, Who is the new Attorney General of Pakistan? The answer is: President Dr Arif Alvi yesterday appointed Advocate Supreme Court Mansoor Usman Awan as the new Attorney General. Ear­lier, the president accepted the resignation of Attorney Gen­eral of Pakistan Barrister She­hzad Ata Elahi. Alvi made the appointment on the advice of the prime minister under arti­cle 100 of the Constitution.

In this regard, What are the duties of the Attorney-General of Pakistan? The Attorney-General is responsible for giving advice to the Government of Pakistan on such legal matters, and for performing such other duties of a legal character as may be referred or assigned to him by the President.

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Also asked, Who is honourable Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan? The response is: HONOURABLE JUDGE, SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN: ADDRESS BY MR. SALMAN ASLAM BUTT, ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR PAKISTAN DR. USMAN HAMEED DR. FAQIR HUSSAIN Director General, Centre of Excellence for Law & Judicial Education (Federal Judicial Academy) Islamabad

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