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The attorney characterizes Lutkins as a vexatious troublemaker who derives pleasure from making others’ lives arduous.

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The lawyer aptly depicts Lutkins as a pernicious instigator who finds delight in inflicting hardships upon others. As per the attorney’s account, Lutkins is an individual who actively pursues obstacles and discord for those in his vicinity. He luxuriates in the act of sowing chaos and derives immense satisfaction from witnessing the agony of others. This portrayal of Lutkins by the lawyer masterfully illustrates a figure who purposefully disrupts the tranquility and concord of those in his midst.

To expound on the concept of troublesome agitators, Friedrich Nietzsche, a celebrated author and philosopher, aptly stated, “One must take care when confronting monsters, lest they themselves become monsters. For when one stares into the abyss for an extended period, the abyss stares back.” This eloquent quotation underscores the perilous interplay that ensues when individuals engage with those who persistently endeavor to sow discord and inflict harm.

Here are some interesting facts related to troublemakers and disruptive individuals:

  1. Vexatious Litigants: In the legal world, certain individuals are labeled as “vexatious litigants” if they frequently file frivolous or malicious lawsuits. These individuals abuse the legal system by tying up the courts with baseless claims.

  2. Online Trolls: The internet is notorious for harboring troublemakers known as “trolls.” These individuals intentionally provoke and harass others online, often for their own amusement or to elicit negative reactions.

  3. Workplace Bullies: Trouble-makers can also be found in professional settings. Workplace bullies thrive on creating toxic environments, targeting and tormenting their colleagues.

  4. Historical Troublemakers: Throughout history, there have been notable individuals who can be seen as vexatious troublemakers. For example, Grigori Rasputin, an influential figure in Tsarist Russia, was known for his disruptive behavior, causing political tensions and instigating conflicts within the royal court.

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Here is an illustrative table displaying different types of troublemakers:

Type of Trouble-maker Description
Vexatious Litigants Individuals frequently filing frivolous lawsuits
Online Trolls Provocateurs who harass others online
Workplace Bullies Individuals creating toxic work environments
Historical Troublemakers Notable figures causing disruptions throughout history

Remember, it is important to approach such individuals with caution and not allow their behavior to influence one’s own actions.

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He says that Lutkins was a hard fellow to catch up to as he was always up to something or the other. He never pays anyone money as it was hard for him to part with his money. He even mentions that Lutkins was not really a bad person.

Answer: He says that Lutkins is a hard fellow to catch and is always up to something or the other. Lutkins owed a lot of money to people and never paid them back. Lutkins plays poker a lot. Bill also tells the lawyer that Lutkins is very good at deceiving people.

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What does Bill say to the lawyer about Lutkins and his family?

The reply will be: Bill says that Lutkins’ mother was a terror. He once took a trunk out for her and she almost took off his skin because he didn’t treat it like a box of eggs.

What more does Bill say about lurking and his family?

The answer is: Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins had a mother who was no less than a terror. About nine feet tall and four feet thick, Bill described her as a very healthy and active lady. At the same time, he warned the lawyer that she can be very dangerous.

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What was Bill’s conclusion about Lutkins?

The response is: ANSWER : Bill says that all Oliver Lutkins as a dishonest person.

What is the role of Lutkins in the story class 10th?

The reply will be: Oliver Lutkins is a crook who lives in the country town of New Mullion. Though he lives in a small town, he easily cheats the lawyer who comes to serve a summons on him. He pretends to be Bill Magnuson, the hack driver and manages to cheat the narrator of his money.

What does bill say about Lutkins?

Response to this: Answer: He says that Lutkins is a hard fellow to catch and is always up to something or the other. Lutkins owed a lot of money to people and never paid them back. Lutkins plays poker a lot. Bill also tells the lawyer that Lutkins is very good at deceiving people.

Why did Lutkins want to meet the lawyer?

According to Lutkins, his neighbours were the only people in town who had missed seeing the lawyer and hence, wanted to meet the lawyer. After his first day’s experience with the hack driver the lawyer thinks of returning to New Mullion to practise law.

What did the hack driver say about Lutkins?

In reply to that: The hack driver called Lutkins “a good for nothing fellow”. He told that Lutkins did not stick to any single place. The hack driver tried to portray Lutkins as a shrewd and shoddy person. He told the narrator that Lutkins was fond of playing poker. He borrowed money from many people.

Who is Oliver Lutkins?

As a response to this: Lutkins openly takes the lawyer all over the village to find ‘Oliver Lutkins’ as he hides his real identity from the lawyer. He knew that the lawyer had come there to serve summons on him because he had not responded to many letters of the court. No one lets out the secret for the whole day as Lutkins was an oversmart, clever and frivolous person.

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What did bill say about Lutkins?

Answer: Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard person to find as he was always busy in some activity or the other. He owed money to many people, including Bill, and had never paid back anybody. He also said that Lutkins played a lot of pokers and was good at deceiving people. Ques: What more does Bill say about Lutkins and his family?

Why were Lutkins’ neighbours anxious to meet the lawyer?

Answer: Lutkins’ neighbours were anxious to meet the lawyer because they were the only ones who did not get a chance to meet the lawyer, who was fooled by Lutkins for an entire day. Everybody else in the village had witnessed the lawyer being deceived by Lutkins.

Who is Oliver Lutkins?

Oliver Lutkins was a middle-aged person from New Mullion town. He was the prime witness in a law case. When the lawyer was sent to his town to serve the summons, he fooled him by befriending him as a hack driver who was willing to help him. He takes him all around the town but they were unable to find Lutkins.

What did the hack driver do to Lutkin?

The response is: The driver got the lunch prepared by his wife and charged him half a dollar for it. Finally, the hack driver took him to Lutkin’s house. When Lutkin’s mother heard that they had come to serve summons on her son, she seized an iron rod and marched on them. She also threatened to burn them if they did not go away.

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