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Kim Kardashian, while ardently dedicating herself to the realm of legal advocacy and publicly espousing her aspirations of donning the esteemed mantle of a lawyer, regrettably, remains bereft of the rigorous academic training afforded by law school and the indispensable triumph of passing the formidable bar examination that sanctions the practice of law.

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In the realm of luminous stardom and entrepreneurial prowess, Kim Kardashian, an illustrious figure, has divulged her fervent aspiration to embark upon a vocation in the esteemed field of law. While her ardor for championing criminal justice reform has been palpable and her involvement in consequential legal battles has garnered notable attention, it is imperative to acknowledge that she does not possess the customary credentials of a seasoned lawyer. The hallowed halls of law school have not echoed her footsteps, nor has she triumphed over the formidable bar examination, a mandatory rite of passage for legal practitioners in numerous jurisdictions.

While some may question the credibility of non-traditional legal career paths, it is worth acknowledging the impact individuals like Kardashian can have in raising awareness and promoting change within the legal system. As she said herself, “I just feel like I want to be able to fight for those who have paid the price for society. I just feel like the system could be so different, and I want to fight to fix this, if I knew better, I can do more.”

Here are some interesting facts about Kim Kardashian’s journey into law and her efforts in promoting criminal justice reform:

  1. Legal Apprenticeship: Instead of attending law school, Kardashian has embraced a legal apprenticeship program known as “reading the law.” Under this program, she is mentored by practicing lawyers and gains knowledge through independent study and hands-on experience.

  2. Criminal Justice Reform: One of Kardashian’s significant endeavors is her involvement in criminal justice reform. She has played a pivotal role in bringing attention to cases involving wrongful convictions and has successfully advocated for the release of several incarcerated individuals.

  3. The First Step Act: In 2018, Kardashian utilized her influence to support the passage of the First Step Act, a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill in the United States. This legislation aimed to address issues such as sentencing reform and improved prison conditions.

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While Kardashian may not be practicing law in the traditional sense, her dedication to criminal justice reform has drawn attention to important issues within the legal system. As famous attorney Benjamin Civiletti once said, “One of the best ways to appreciate the value of lawyers is to think about what the community would be like without them.” Kardashian’s desire to make a positive impact and her advocacy for criminal justice reform certainly contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding the role of lawyers in society.


Fact Description
Legal Education Kim Kardashian has not attended law school but has embarked on a legal apprenticeship program called “reading the law” to gain knowledge and experience in the legal field.
Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Kardashian has been actively involved in promoting criminal justice reform, raising awareness about wrongful convictions, and working towards improving the legal system.
Influence on Legislation Through her efforts, Kardashian contributed to the passage of the First Step Act, a significant criminal justice reform bill in the United States.
Impact through Celebrity Platform As a celebrity with a massive platform, Kardashian’s engagement in legal advocacy has garnered attention and sparked conversations surrounding important legal issues.
Non-traditional Path to Legal Career Kardashian’s pursuit of a legal career without a traditional educational background challenges conventional notions of the legal profession.

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In this YouTube video, Kim Kardashian opens up about her passion for criminal justice and her role in fighting for people who deserve a second chance. She discusses how she sends compelling cases to her attorney and the process of pursuing clemency for individuals. Kim also shares her decision to pursue a legal apprenticeship in order to bypass a traditional law degree, although she expresses concerns about managing her time between her family, career, and studies. She expresses gratitude for the support of her husband Kanye West and discusses her involvement in prison reform, including her visit to the White House and upcoming panel discussion on criminal justice reform. Kim is determined to make a difference and believes that a deep understanding of the system is crucial for effecting change.

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Kim Kardashian’s Interest In Criminal Justice Reform Kim has already changed lives through her work as a criminal justice reform advocate thanks to her interest in the criminal justice system, despite not yet being a fully qualified lawyer.

Kim Kardashian is not a lawyer yet, but she is pursuing law through an alternative route that does not require attending law school. She has passed the baby bar exam, which is one step towards becoming a practicing lawyer in California. She has also been involved in legal work, especially for prison reform, and has helped free several people from unjust sentences. However, some fans question her legitimacy and seriousness as a lawyer.

Is Kim Kardashian a lawyer? A. Kim is pursuing law, thus she will be a lawyer if she passes further exams. However, she isn’t a lawyer yet.

Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian is just not a lawyer but. The infant bar is only one path California residents can take to turn out to be attorneys. In accordance with Pajiba, although regulation college is the standard route, those that don’t need to attend regulation college can apprentice for 4 years with a regulation

Since becoming a lawyer, Kim has been a strong advocate for prison reform, and has already helped several individuals by garnering national attention to some of her cases. Starting in 2018, one of the first people that Kim Kardashian helped was 64-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who had received a life sentence for a

Kim’s Already Doing Legal Work Since becoming a lawyer, Kim has been a strong advocate for prison reform, and has already helped several individuals by garnering national attention to some of her cases. Starting in 2018, one of the first people that Kim Kardashian helped was 64-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who had received

Over the past couple of years, Kim Kardashian has turned to the world of law. As an outspoken advocate, she helped free a convicted drug trafficker back in 2018. Now, Kim is studying law to try and become a bonafide lawyer just like her daddy–but she’ll never be taken seriously.

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Keeping this in consideration, Is Kim Kardashian an official lawyer? Despite not yet having qualified as a fully-fledged lawyer, Kim has already been able to achieve some successes in her legal career.

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Keeping this in consideration, What type of law is Kim Kardashian studying? The answer is: According to her Instagram stories, where so much of her law school quest has been documented, she’s now tackling con law and community property. As might be obvious from the fact Kardashian is just now starting to learn Con Law, she has a ways to go before she can *officially* call herself a lawyer.

Also Know, What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian?
Robert George Kardashian (February 22, 1944 – September 30, 2003) was an Armenian-American attorney & businessman. He gained national recognition as O.J.’s friend and defense attorney during his 1995 murder trial.

Additionally, Who is Kim Kardashian’s personal attorney? Answer will be: Kardashian is repped by Laura Wasser, another top celebrity divorce lawyer.

Regarding this, Why does Kim Kardashian want to be a lawyer?
Two years ago, Kim announced on Instagram that she was starting a four-year program to become a lawyer. A big reason why she wants to pursue a career in law is because of her father, the late Robert Kardashian Sr., who was a well-known attorney. Kardashian was also interested in a law career because of her passion for prison reform.

Just so, Is Kim Kardashian really becoming a lawyer?
While Kim is very passionate about her new career, in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that a lot has changed since Kim Kardashian started pursuing her law education. Kourtney admitted that the most annoying part of Kim’s journey is the fact that her language changed.

Can Kim Kardashian be a real lawyer without a degree?
Answer will be: Turns out, yes, Kim Kardashian can become a lawyer without a college degree. In California, as well as Virginia, Vermont, and Washington, aspiring lawyers can pass the bar exam without a law degree…

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